Determine a remote IP address



You have plugged in your raspberry pi (for example) it is on and running,  you don’t have a screen but you DO have ssh-server running on the pi.  You also have access to a PC on the same network.

You need to login remotely but don’t know the ip of the pi,  how can you resolve this.

if you could plug in a screen you could type ifconfig or hoostname -I at the console and it would give you the ip of the pi locally.



As this is not possible you can work out the ip of computers on your network by using the nmap command and telling it to do a IP sweep of the network

nmap -sP

sweeps between addresses to

this gives output similar to below





From this you can see the raspberrypiwifi has an ip address of

you can how remote access (see other blog entries) or ssh in to the computer in the usual way.

What this won’t tell you is what ports are open on the remote system

running nmap ipaddress seems to tell you what services are running,




So in this case

ssh and http

Which is right as I am running ssh-server and also running the adafruit web ide system