Disroot cloud services

Disroot cloud services

Continuing the series on services offered by Disroot .  I am now turning my attention, to the main cloud service.  Again this is accessed from the menu on the main Disroot page and for this service you need a login.

This part of the service offers many different features.  The main service is for file storage.   I have previously discussed how to connect Libreoffice to Disroot.   The cloud file storage is powered by Nextcloud.

Users the cloud means you can access files from anywhere.   You can also access your Disroot e-mail from here as well as a photo gallery/.  Calendar ( please look out for a blog post on September 4th on importing ics calendar files in to this.   You also have access to contacts and a tasks / to-do tool.     Under more, you get access to other features such as news and are offered some news services to subscribe to.  There is also keep or sweep which helps you manage some of your files.

A really comprehensive service, all in the cloud and all with privacy in mind.

On the main Disroot page there is a link to some really good tutorials.

Other services offered by Disroot also include an instance of Diaspora which is privacy aware, decentralized social media.   Diaspora is part of the Federated network ( Fediverse ), using protocols such as Activity Pub to help instances communicate and federate information.

If you are looking for an alternative to Facebook and Google this is one option that puts you back in control.

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Thank you for reading.