Disroot – file upload

Disroot – file upload

Carrying on with my series on digital skills.   One of the digital skills is to use the Internet services in a safe way and respect privacy.  We should start to do this using privacy friendly tools.

Today I am going to look at uploading and sharing files.

Sometimes we need to send files to people that are too big to attach to an e-mail,, or we want to share with people on for example forums, social media (e.g Fediverse) chat e.g IRC ( e.g https://www.oftc.net/ ) etc.  One of the features of Disroot is a service for just this purpose.

You may also want to send people your CV or other sensitive documents.  This service is also great as it is encrypted,  but also provides a time limit.  Ideal for recipients who for what ever reason don’t check their e-mail very often and fail to provide an auto response to suggest when they may be back in the office.

Disroot is quite radical it is one of the many services that is designed to move away from central control where privacy is seen as important.   There is no advertising, or annoying auto start videos to slow your workflow down.


The service that Disroot provides is done so in collaboration with :

Lufi – Encrypted temporary file upload service

Lets get started

Firstly goto the Disroot website.  You don’t need a user account for this.

Under services go to Upload

You will be taken to the Lufi page.

Click on Upload files  You should be taken to https://upload.disroot.org/

Here you can select how long the files will stay on the server for.   Select this and then drag and drop files to the upload area.

Scrolling down you will find links to the file(s) you just uploaded

Clicking on the my files menu gives you the option to also delete files from the server manually or perform other tasks.

Hopefully this short introduction is useful.


Please feel free to discuss further on friendi.ca