Disroot pads

Disroot pads

Following on with digital skills.  I am going run through disroot pads.   You don’t need a Disroot account for this.

Firstly select pads from the disroot services menu.

From the pads page, you can select either the text editor or spreadsheet.


Looking at pads first, you will be asked to provide a name for your pad.  This will form part of the URL which you can give to others, so they can collaborate with you.

Pressing ok and your new pad is shown

You can start typing, if you look in the address bar you will see something like


You can share this address with others.  Collaborators will be listed on the right hand side.


Selecting this option you can then click on Create Spreadsheet and be taken to

The URL for the spreadsheet is a little different and is auto generated but looks something like:


The best way to learn how all this works, is to experiment.

Please feel free to discuss further on friendi.ca