Disroot – Pastebin

Disroot – Pastebin

To continue with my series on digital skills.  Another service offered by Disroot is pastebin, or Bin as is appears on the Disroot menu,.  The idea of this is to allow users to share large amounts of text or source code within forums.


You have an issue with a program on Linux and you need to send the output of a diagnostic or the actual error message to a forum.    It is not usually a good  idea or appreciated  to paste huge reams of text in to a forum and most certainly not in to chat (e.g IRC) If you are using voice chat then sharing the output becomes more difficult.  The solution is usually using a service such as paste bin.  With this you copy the required text in to a website and this produces a link which you then send on to the forum.

Select bin from the Disroot menu, ( you don’t need an account for this )

Now click on paste bins link

This will take you to

You cna paste a range of different types of text in here, such as source code, markdown or plain text.  There is a source code menu at the top that allows you to select and this will then activate syntax highlighting.

You can also set options such as when this will expire,  you can set this from a few minutes to forever.

Finally pressing send  in the top right corner will produce a link to your text to be pasted in to forums etc

The pastebin data is encrypted too, which is useful if you are sending a link to more sensitive data.  Clearly you won’t be sending bank details but you may be sending a configuration file with usernames or passwords if you’re developing an application and need to share this as it is part of the source code.

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