DOS box how to

If you have ever wanted to get old dos programs working under Linux then you can do so with DOS box.

Start by installing dosbox

open up a terminal and type apt-cache search dosbox

dosbox – x86 emulator

then install with

sudo apt-get install dosbox

Now we need somewhere to put all our dos programs so make a directory for this in your home folder

mkdir c-drive

this then acts as the c drive for dos

now load up dosbox and you will be presented with the following when the program has initialised




Now we need to mount the directory we created earlier

mount c c-drive


You then get a message like this in the dosbox window



now change to the c drive in the way you would using dos


the Z:\> changes to C:\>

type dir and you get a directory listings

Clearly not much happens here

if you now exit dosbox with EXIT

you can download some dos programs and put them in the directory you created earlier, remember that dos had a filename limit of 8.3 letters  so keep directories short to avoid issues and frustration.

If you go to

you can download a pc port of jet set willy (Classic speccy game) download the zip file in to c-drive and unzip it OR it may download to the downloads folder,  in which case copy it to c-drive.

This should extract in to a folder called JSW


go back in to dosbox,  load it up, mount the c drive again and do


cd JSW,  pressing tab will complete it even if you do cd js in lower case it will correct to upper case

to dir again

and then


and the game should run.




nb c-drive indicates a folder which acts as the c: for dos

you can press F-10 to exit jet set willy,