DVD Authoring with DeVeDeNG


I have been looking for a program to help create DVDs from movie files.  I have found a program via the Debian users  mailing list called DeVeDe which is really easy to use.

Installing devede and other related packages.

Firstly you need to install the software with

apt install devede

In general I use brassero to record the cd / dvd

apt install brassero

I have also used youtube-dl to download youtube videos for off line viewing.

apt install youtube-dl

What next.

Firstly you need to create a new directory within your system /home structure, then download a video.   This can take some time depending on how long the video is that you’re downloading,  the speed of your connection and other factors.

Once done you can use devede to create your DVD.

Under Debian this can be found on the Sound and Video menu folder as DeVeDeNG

We want to create a DVD video so select the first option in this menu.

You are then presented with :

Now click add

From here navigate and select files to add to your dvd.

You will then be taken back to the main window.

We can now set up a menu,  the create menu with the titles is ticked,  by default so if you now click menu options:

We can fine tune our dvd menu.

If you are adding more than 1 video you may want to check the play all option. You also need a menu title.  The other options are about customizing the look and feel of your dvd. Once you are happy with this.  press OK to go back to the main screen and press forward.

You can now select where to save your ISO file.  The default seems to be /home/user/movie,  which is probably fine.  Note that this folder should be EMPTY if not anything within this will be erased.   I changed my folder to movie2 to be on the safe side.

Once the process is complete you will have an ISO file   You also have an option to burn this to a DVD, in which case your default burner software will open.  This part is beyond the scope of this post.  I will do a separate post for that

Once you have an ISO you can open it in VLC player (for example) and test it works OK and you’re happy with everything you can navigate to where you saved your iso file, right click and in my case I would open in Brasero.

Update : 15/4/2019.  There is now an article on Burning a DVD with Brassero.