DVD burning with Brasero


Carrying on from the post on creating a DVD iso file with DeVeDe. This follow up will look at how to take the iso file and burn this to a record-able dvd.

It is assumed YOU have tested the ISO to ensure the structure  works as you expect,

Using Debian 9 and LXDE Desktop.

Inserting a blank cd or dvd media should normally display the following box.

Just click cancel. You know that the system as picked up the media.

Go to where you saved your ISO.

Right click and  click Brasero to open in that application.

You then get the above dialogue,  Before we hit burn click properties.

These are the default settings, which are fine.  You may also want to reduce the burn speed.

This used to improve reliability,  however probably isn’t needed now.   Click close, you will be taken back to the previous screen (Screenshot 2) and you can then proceed to burn your CD / DVD.

Once complete CD  / DVD should eject.  Note: make sure the drive is not blocked or nothing is in the way.