Easter Holidays

Today is the first day of the Easter Holidays,  so I am hopefully going to play catch up with programming,  got 2 new books Python in Easy Steps and Raspberry Pi in easy steps. Both have an intro to GUI based applications using TkInter.  Hopefully I can make some of the programs I have written GUI enabled or just write new


Tuesday – Installing some games / other software for a friend,  maybe even attempt to get them on IRC so we can perhaps also play games online.

Wednesday – Minecraft / IT group at Parkfield

Thursday – Hoping my write up for the last Pi jam will go in.

Friday – Exeter Lug meet

Saturday is the Raspberry Pi jam in Paignton,  so looking forward to that.

Sunday – American football, oh and some sort of Rugby Festival at Clennon, I will be on the astro with the Football team.

At some point my order from amazon will arrive which includes some strip board and the new hobbit movie dvd,  2 down 1 to go of the trilogy.