Edbuntu testing pt 2

Following on from my previous post, I decided to try Edubuntu in VMware.  I ended up with  similar issues as before (not working properly).  So I decided to do 2 things.

1.  Try to see if I could get a different ISO up in VMWare, and managed to get xubuntu to work fine.










So this kind of rules out issues with VMware software.  I then decided to try and make a bootable flash disk for Edubuntu,  and this was done using unetbootin in the usual way.

I think the problem could be either a missing module in vmware or some other issue.

Booting this newly created flash disk left me with a working Edubuntu 14.04 on a flash disk, on which I created a persistant data area.  I can take screen shots but need to work out how to get these off the flash disk so they can be edited (well scaled down) before being uploaded here.

Sufficient to say. Edubuntu looks excellent.

So I now have :

1 x Xubuntu 14.04 flash disk (32 bit)

1x Edubuntu 14.04 flash disk (32 bit)

Time for some testing 🙂

The fact the flash disk works rules out issues with the downloaded iso file.  So the issue MUST be with the VM software.