Encounters Arts – Chrysalis project


Encounters Arts – Chrysalis Project


Back in 2017 we had a visit to the Torbay Tech Jam (TTJ) from Shelley who works with the Encounters arts. She asked for some ideas for a new project for a mobile arts space (Chrysalis). Which a few attendees of the jam helped come up with some ideas and ideas on how to solve a few problems such as space, power, etc.

Fast forward to March 2019 and this project is now off the ground. As the TTJ disbanded in 2018 We have kept in touch with Encounters over the summer of 2018. The South Devon Tech Jam (SDTJ) has been setup, with a similar focus to the TTJ only with a proper formal structure. As the SDTJ is designed to be a place for people to work on, share and perhaps collaborate on projects then as an event it should be a great opportunity for Encounters to find people with the skills to help turn the project in to a reality. Hopefully the SDTJ can bring the right people together for this. We have the meeting / project space just need people with the right skills.

Where we are now.

April 2019

Having looked at the various options we have settled on building a sound reactive cloud as per video below.  Felix has most of the parts and we can start building up the electronics side of this so we can get it working, in the mean time the non computing element of this can be build.  Please see write up page for more info.

March 2019 we had a visit from Felix, who asked us for a few ideas for an interactive display to go within this Chrysalis make space.

Project brief.

This is the community project we (as the SDTJ) been invited to help with a light installation for. We have a few ideas about an LED light panel run by a couple of Ardunio’s and a sound sensor.
If you are interested in getting involved with this project come along to our April session.

Some of the possible solutions we found are on the websites below

What we are now looking for, is for people who are interested in getting involved.  Using their skills, experience and expertise to help Encounters build this make space.  As it is designed by a community for the community.

If you are interested please get in touch with the South Devon Tech Jam via the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SouthDevonTechJam from there you can find a link to Encounters arts too. Please DO NOT contact me directly on this.

The next Jam is on 13th April 2019 at Paignton Library, rooms 10/11/12. If you’re interested Encounters will be there from about 13:00 ish.

This is a really good opportunity for the community to get involved, perhaps students studying engineering, electronic engineering and computer science for example. They are looking for input and ideas for other aspects of the project too.

What I am trying to do first is work out which of the above solutions is most viable, as in can ‘t it be built easily and within the budget provided (you need to contact encounters for more information on this.

Below are a few ideas as to what the end Chrysalis will look like, this interactive display is designed to fit in a space above the cabin.