Essential digital skills framework – Communicating

Essential digital skills framework – Communicating

Further to my previous post.  I am now going to look at Communicating.


Skills for life

I can:

  • understand the importance of communicating securely
  • set up an email account
  • communicate with others digitally using email and other messaging apps
  • use word processing applications to create documents
  • share documents with others by attaching them to an email
  • communicate with friends and family using video tools
  • post messages, photographs, videos or blogs on social media platforms

Skills for life examples

I can:

  • set up a group on messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp or Messenger, to talk to friends or family members
  • use word processing software to create a CV or a letter
  • send photographs and other documents to friends and family as an email attachment
  • set up and use video-telephony products such as Facetime or Skype for video communications with friends and family
  • be a member of and manage personal networking sites, such as Facebook
  • post appropriately on social media, visit and post to forums such as Mumsnet or Reddit

Finding alternatives

Switching social has a list of common websites and gives suggestions as to alternatives.

For the most part.

Desktop OS = Linux or Linux based Operating systems.    Take back control before the desktop control is taken away from you [3].

Office software ; Libreoffice (can integrate with disroot)

E-mail services (e,g outlook, gmail)  – or similar privacy friendly services

Cloud storage – Again use something like disroot which provides cloud and many other services. Or set up your own nextcloud.

Document creation –

Overleaf also offers LaTeX in the cloud,  very handy for producing really good looking documents.

Facebook – Use the Fediverse e.g Friendica, Mastodon see [4]

Voice : Jami looks like a  good player here.  It is free and open source software.  Just asks for username and password to sign up – no personal information to sell, listen in on, or abuse in other ways.

Websites for software development such as replit allow you to collaborate and work on projects with others.

IRC – text based real time chat.


The above is not intended to be advice, just sharing my thoughts on how we can teach digital skills using free and privacy friendly tools.  YOU are expected to do research in to the best alternatives for your needs.  Ask your digital skills tutor for help in finding and using alternatives.


  1. Facebook workers listened to Messenger conversations
  3. – Desktop as a service is coming with Windows

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