Essential digital skills framework


Looks like the Digital Skills Framework has been updated : (12/9/2018)

Looks pretty straightforward.

Makes interesting reading and some of the statistics are interesting too.   Not sure if these are based on people who have ‘bits of paper’ or from other research.

I am sure that I am able to do the following :-

Digital foundation skills

I can:

  • turn on a device
  • use the available controls on my device
  • make use of accessibility tools on my device to make it easier to use
  • interact with the home screen on my device
  • understand that the internet allows me to access information and content and that I can connect to it through Wi-Fi
  • connect my device to a safe and secure Wi-Fi network
  • connect to the internet and open a browser to find and use websites
  • understand that my passwords and personal information need to be kept safely as they have value to others
  • update and change my password when prompted to do so