EU’s ePrivacy regulation

EU’s ePrivacy regulation

This is something else that has been posted to Friendica.

EU’s ePrivacy regulation is being subverted by publishers who want their “right” to use tracking cookies enshrined in law.  You can read about this here.

I have contacted my local MEP about this.  Asking her to support privacy and take a harder line to protect people and their right to privacy.

I would urge others to the same.  We should have a right to privacy,  allowing cookies to be installed makes a mockery of the laws on consent to cookies.  You can contact your local MEP (uk) here.  If you are in other parts of the EU then there will be similar websites with contact information.

Once the UK General election is over. I will also contact my Local MP to make him / her aware of this and to ask to make sure we have very strong privacy laws in place.