Exeter Pi Jam – April 2018

Exeter Raspberry Pi Jam – April 2018

Presented by 2.times do,   and held at Exeter Library

This months Exeter Pi jam was really busy and varied.   Held in the Rougemont room,   there were lots of people including families all hacking away at various projects.   Outside of the main room on the way in was the Tweet a dinosoar or Obi Wan project.  (shown below)


By tweeting a specific string of text you can either get Obi Wan to say ‘may the force be with you’ or make the Dinosaur roar. This is popular with children of all ages and is a great interactive demonstration.

Again out side the main room we had a demonstration of crumble robotics kit,   Crumble is one of many modular development kits that allows you to build projects with click together components.   Include lights, sensors,  sound etc.

Crumble kit with various components in the box,   the green bit is a pen holder so when using turtle graphics you can draw shapes on the floor.

Crumble kit., part assembled,   you program this with a USB cable and the software used is a lot like scratch,  so very beginner friendly with out losing the power of the kit.

When combined with a line detector, robots can find their way around tracks, such as the one below.

In industry robots,  scaled up can use the same ideas to find their way around factories,   freeing up staff for other tasks,  while the robots move equipment or goods around.   So these kits also are relevant to industry use.

Finally I took a photo of one of the information sheets.

Main room had an assortments of robots.

There was also a visit from the Met office.   Who brought along part of a supercomputer and had information on the new one being introduced.

Part of a supercomputer and related information display (below)

So lots of really interesting information and people to chat with.

Bench power supply was also used for projects elsewhere,   this is the great thing about people bringing their own kit,  you get chance to see kit like this first hand,   great if you want to find out more before investing in more serious kit such as this.