Exeter Pi Jam Feb 2018

Exeter Pi Jam Feb 2018


This month was the usual mix of robots, raspberry Pi, arduino, etc

About 12 – 15 workstations were set up with a range of activities to choose from:

Minecraft hacking with the Minecraft API software as well

We also had various robots based on a variety of technologies including


Once again the this proved popular,  with future potential hackers learning coding, hardware hacking etc.

As well as a discussion a 3 node Kubernates  container cluster, which one of the attendees brought along, this can hopefully be demonstrated at a ater event. Some of this discussion also centred around how Kubernates can self heal so that if a node fails then workload can be re-distributed.

We also had a quick look at a Crumble starter kit, which is really easy to fit together and designed to be robust.  The kit  consisted  of a chassis, power block, motors, buzzer and sensors such as a Line following unit, which is essentially here, 2x IR LEDs and a LED sensor.

Hopefully will get to look at both the above at a future jam and maybe even at the Tech Jam in Paignton.

Thank you once again to Simon and Ian from 2.times do for presenting another successful jam.