Experimenting with irc bots


The November issue of Linux voice (soon to be integrated with Linux Magazine) had a tutorial on creating a simple IRC bot.  (ircbot1.py)

I have been experimenting with this and have put the code on github


I then decided to see if it was possible to integrate this with minecraft-pi.  This seems to have worked.  So I can be in IRC,  enter the !uptime command which the running bot picks up and outputs to the IRC CHANNEL.   However I  have extended this so it also uses the postToChat function in order to also post this to minecraft-pi.


Clearly you need to run this 2nd program on a Raspberry Pi,  you also need to have minecraf Pi open and in a world for this to work (or you get unable to connect errors).  Anyway the result seems to work nicely.

Output of the script in mcpi which is showing the output of !uname which runs the command uname -a.  and outputs the results to both mcpi and the IRC channel.

I will probably end up developing further or leave this for someone at the Tech jam to develop further. I have also just set up a irc server on my Raspberry Pi Model B, using ngircd.  I will post on that later.  In the mean time.

Note : the above is all running on a Pi3  but it should run on an original model b, b+.

Happy hacking.