F-Droid : Client 0.97 Released

F-droid is a robot with a passion for Free and Open Source (FOSS) software on the Android platform. On this site you’ll find a repository of FOSS apps, along with an Android client to perform installations and updates, and news, reviews and other features covering all things Android and software-freedom related.

Client 0.97 released

This is a maintenance release, with the following changes from 0.96.1

  • Add option to prompt for unstable updates globally
  • Add support for free Certificate Authorities: cert.startcom.org and letsencrypt.org
  • Rework the privileged installer to use an extension as a privileged app instead of F-Droid itself
  • Add a new night theme
  • Fix crash when trying to install incompatible apps with the privileged installer
  • Fix downloading from HTTP servers that did not send a Content-Length
  • Material design tweaks and fixes, including repo and app screens makeovers
  • Add StrictMode to debug builds
  • Make the GitLab CI run the tests in an emulator
  • Use gradle-witness to ensure the reproducibility of the build with libraries pulled from maven repositories
  • Switched to Weblate for translations
  • Translation updates

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