February 2018 Tech Jam – Update

Torbay Tech Jam – February 2018


Date : Saturday 10th February 2018
Time : 12:30 to 15:00

The following will be set up:

3x Raspberry Pis for Lucy’s Physical Computing activity
3x monitors, keyboards and mice, for anyone who wants to bring their own Pi (or other)
3x netbooks set up for general use
We will also have the following events:

Not sure if Lucy can make it but there will be plenty to do with the above plus any talks or demonstrations that take place.

Hopefully demos of:

  • Minecraft-pi GUI (as the wasn’t time in January to do this)
  • Maybe another demo of Samadis voice controlled tri colour LED and a discussion on how this works
  • Demonstration of a Small RAM based GNU/Linux build.  From what I understand this running on a RAMDisk which makes it very fast.
  • Demonstration of Boat Navigation / chat plotting system using Opencpn ( https://opencpn.org/ )

We may have shelley again for a follow up from the workshop in January and an update on the project.