Future of Learning : $15 MBA self learn , no classes

Following on from previous articles regarding the direction of learning,  you can now do a Business Management course on line, no classes required.  For a limited period this course is available for about $15.   See here for information.

On line learning really seems to be the future.  No more old fashioned classes, which brings with it the sort of nonsense you have to put up with in schools.   Todays Daily Mail highlights such nonsense.  A private school has decided that to avoid upsetting those who don’t come first,   awards are going to be given out in private.   Details here. What total nonsense.   If you come second you should use that as a way to change what you learn and how and strive to come first next time.

Another advantage is that everyone who has signed up, has done so to learn.

I can really understand why people want to home educate their children.

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Change can’t come soon enough.