gedit – text editor


Following my recent Debian 9.5 install, I was looking for a nice text editor.  It seems since I last saw this gedit has had a major overhaul.  Well done to the development team.

Lot of what look like nice features.  I have set the colour scheme to dark.   Some of the menu options are also animated so they are smooth, so menu -> view is a smooth (but quick) transition, which is nice compared to boxes just appearing on the screen.  Granted this does seem to be between menus.

The main window no longer has a menu,  however it does have a pull down, mobile style menu and a more streamlined tool bar,  which is nice.

The help screen has information on version number,  and other information on the development team(s)


There is also a helpful key binding overlay. menu -> keyboard shortcuts


gedit also has a help page so you can learn how to use the features of the software.







menu -> preferences.

This has 4 tabs, shown below.

The view tab has what you would expect to be able to set up the look and feel of the editor.








Editor tab allows further configuration,how tabs behave, which is useful as languages such as python use 4 spaces for indents.







As you would expect Fonts & Colours allows you to set a range of other options,  you can also set text size,  here it is set to size 16.







gedit is also extensible and the plugins tab has a good range of these to choose from in order to extend the software functionality.







menu -> view -> highlight mode,  give you a very wide range of programming languages for syntax highlighting.  A useful feature if you are programming and prefer this, otherwise it can be turned off.






What looks like another useful feature is the quick open dialogue box  menu -> quick open.  This lists recently opened files for quick access.