Goodbye Google

I decided to delete my google account so that I could try and sort out the mess it has made of the e-mail address it has set as default.   This was fine, download data and delete the account.

The plan was to then set up a fresh accout, using a different private e-mail. The process seems pretty simple here.   Step 1 and 2 of the process went fine.










However step 3 posed a problem.  My phone, while old is private and as Google really can’t be trusted with private information.  Having already verified my e-mail address WHY do they want a phone number too ?

The bit about standard rates apply is also less than transparent, I have no idea how much I would be charged for this.  The only thing I use this phone for is two factor codes.

I just stopped the process at this stage.



So it is goodbye and good riddance to google now too.