GUI Programming 5

Ok, further developments,  I run the risk of overkill here but all this stuff is a kind of proof of concept,  and is pretty simple to do once you know how to do things.












I now have a file menu that produces the same output as the buttons,  so in a way I no longer need the buttons.  So in a few days I have gone from knowing nothing about GUI programming to this,  and I still have boa constructor to have a play with yet.

I am not sure what is going to be expected from schools with the new IT curriculum, in terms of producing GUI applications.  It should be possible to produce some pretty good stuff.

Anyway I am looking for work in Primary schools within Torbay at least in the first instance. If schools can tap in to this by the time primary kids start secondary school they could be really good at GUI programming,

So offers welcome, please e-mail me on or tweet @zleap14.  I wil be at the Exeter Pi jam on 7/6/2014 and Paignton 14/6/2014.