GUI Programming 8 – Ladderboard GUI

Anyone who has been following the Raspberry Pi revolution over the past 2 years will more than likely have heard of Gordon Henderson,  Soon after the Pi came out he created a led board (refered to as a ladder board)  If you have attended a Raspberry Pi jam in Torbay or Exeter than you will possibly have met.

I have previously written programs in python to control this ladder board. Now I am moving in to GUI programming I have adapted one of my button programs to turn the LEDS on and off on the ladder board.

It needs testing, my ladder board is on loan at the moment and probably needs some hacking to allow for the different pin numbering from the Rev 1 to Rev 2 board ( I will test this on my Rev 1 board)


This was simple enough to produce,  a bit of trial and error to get the buttons lined up as they are,  but then I am trying to keep my GUI interfaces nicely laid out, and in the above case symmetrical.

Offers of PAID work in Torbay Schools welcome 🙂   Computer science is coming I want to help schools help young people learn programming and produce cool stuff like this and more.

I will be at the Exeter Pi jam on 7th June and Torbay Pi jam on 14th June.