My blog has information on various  mini hardware projects I am currently or have worked on.

5 Volt power supply

LED traffic lights,

The module at the front is part of another project to create a distance meter,

I am hoping to integrate these together so that the LEDs can provide indication of distance from module and create a small distance measuring project.


LED Bargraph

Arduino distance measurement

Arduino weather station – see blog posts Adventures in Arduino part 11 / 12.

As side to this, project is rebuilt using an Arduino NANO,  and I found a program in Python to read the output from the serial port (saves using serial monitor in the Arduino IDE).
















Water sensor project






Work in progress, real time clock module connected to LCD screen and NANO,  hopefully this will be eventually integrated with the DHT11, to give time / date / temp / humidity information.   Next step up from that is to use this with data logging.






Temp / Humdity project with LEDs to indicate if something has fallen below a set threshold

If you need more info on any of these projects please EMAIL ME or drop in to the Torbay Tech jam.  You could also talk to me on IRC.