International Collaboration oddities


It seems,  that thanks to Brexit ,  the UK will no longer be able to take part in the EU Galileo project.   The BBC have various articles on this.

However at the Same time another project to weigh how much water there is on the Earth, seems to be a collaboration between the Germany and the USA. The BBC have an article on this here.

Now my question is that if the Germany can collaborate with the USA,  why can’t the UK simply be allowed to collaborate with the EU on Galileo,  after all with this the UK has already invested a lot of time, money and expertise in the project and quite rightly should expect something back.

The same goes for collaboration on security,  we should ALL be working together.   Other communities can do this with out issues,  other than perhaps timezone and language issues that not too difficult to work around.

It seems the science / tech communities don’t have a problem.