Intl. War Criminals

This programme looks at the legal bases of the US and UK led invasion of Iraq in 2003 through an interview with the renowned international criminal law expert, Francis Boyle.

This is a very interesting interview with Francis Boyle.  The first part of this is interesting in that one day we could very well see Bush and Blair in the dock for the illegal war in Iraq.

UPDATE 20/11/2015

To update some of the information on the background to this.  I found an interesting article on

Which explores some of the alternatives to our current strategy.  However the part that is directly related to this war crimes enquiry.

” Article 51 of the UN Charter which says ‘self-defence only applies to actual or imminent armed attacks, rather than potential or possible attacks.’

This is interesting as in order to make the 2003 Iraq war legal the situation would have to had been vastly different,

Unfortunately for Blair also was is mantra in the 1997 election. This could come back to haunt him and he should be reminded of this when he tries to appeal against the noose.

“Tough on Crime, Tough on the Causes of Crime” So on this basis, perhaps he should face the FULL FORCE of the international Criminal Court and or International Court of Justice.