Introduction to Online Safety Part 2

Introduction to Online Safety


All events in Introduction to Online Safety – Sexting and other harmful behaviours

This is the 2nd seminars that I am booked on under the topic of Online Safety.  Today we covered Sexting and discussed why this takes place, how and by whom.  Also covered the consequences (Bullying, sharing, etc) and the law.   We also watched videos on what happens when a simple post to social media gets shared widely and the consequences for the victim.   Sexting is never victimless.   We also watched another video and discussed why how the characters could have acted differently.

Primary learning aims

  • Discuss what sexting is and its prevalence
  • Consider how sexting links to grooming
  • Consider how sexting links to sexually harmful behaviour

Certainly there was a lot to think about and I have more reading from the hand outs along with some online reading once the resources are up on the learning portal.

Next part of the course is booked for November and will cover Gaming.

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