Is this legal ?

According to the website, when it comes to what can be asked on job application forms the law seems pretty clear.  Employers (or potential employers) CANNOT ask for certain personal information prior to a job offer.


Safety and security when looking for work

To make sure you’re safe when looking for a job and going to interviews, you should never:

  • pay any fees upfront for help with job searches or training
  • let the interview take place in your own home
  • talk about personal matters that have nothing to do with the job
  • accept a lift from the person interviewing you
  • give out personal details about yourself or your finances until you have a job offer, eg your bank details, National Insurance number, date of birth, driving licence or utility bill information

However it seems school application forms are still asking for this information

app-formSo clearly asking here are Date of Birth, and National insurance number.


This is under some notion that used for ID / Safeguarding purposes.  As they already have name and address and are talking to an employer.  Then that employer should be able to provide information regarding ID.

In general you produce ID once a offer of employment has been made as this is conditional of satisfactory checks.  In addition photo ID is required at that stage as well as proof of address,  e.g passport / .citizen card,  driving license (either paper or photo)

The above also suggests the data won’t be used as part of the application process,  however there is no guarantee that it won’t be used,   and once armed with that information it can influence the decision process (POSSIBLY ILLEGALLY).

These forms are several years old and still being used.  I am not sure I can leave this section blank as they can say I didn’t fill it in fully or fill it in and provide information that the school is not entitled to.  The guidance notes make no reference to the above guidelines.

Any comments.