June 2019 – Tech Jam Photos

Another interesting Tech Jam.   This month we had more computer related projects, physical computing and discussions.


This was brought along by Paul : Mullard 8kbyte Magnetic Core Memory

Physical Computing – Raspberry Pi traffic lights
6502 board Created by Gordon Henderson.

This was hooked up to a Laptop which displayed tjhe output via a serial link (cable on left)  The language used by this board is BASIC well – ( BBC basic, applesoft, ehBasic.)

The 6502 was the same CPU chip used on the C64 and BBC Micro back in the 80’s.

6502 output on laptop
prototype of the 6502 board
Reverse side showing soldered joints
This is a Me arm (or something like that) still needs some work but we can have a look at a future jam.  This has a small ARM based controller board.
Google AIY voice kit , project for the July jam hopefully.

Hopefully we can build the Google AIY kit,  this was given away free with the Mag Pi some time ago.  The Jam is an ideal place to put this together.

After the jam some of us retired to the local coffee shop and among other things discussed ideas for a jam project.

The Next Jam is July 13th and looks to be another busy event,