Kids Ruby





Language : Ruby
Type : Programming
Level : Beginner
Operating system : Linux, Windows, Apple, Linux (Live boot), Raspberry pi

web :
github :
t : @kidsruby
Kids ruby is aimed at introducing the powerful ruby language to children via a more child friendly user interface. Ruby is nice and easy to start with, for example

3.times do

Will print hello 3 times

You still need to use indentation and correct syntax, however the software comes with a set of tutorials that teach you the basics and includes everything you need, at the end of the tutorials you will be making a game with a package called gosu.

The best way to learn is to have a go, Ruby is a very popular language, and you may have heard of ruby on rails, rails is a web development framework. There is a big demand for skills in both areas.  You need to start somewhere.



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