LaTeX Bibliography files

LaTeX Bibliography files

As I am now trying to use LaTeX for more every day document as well as writing short reports and proposals ideas. I am now at the point where I am starting to feel more confident to move away from a very simple bibliography format on to using an external .bib file.

Overleaf has a basic template that uses an external file.  I have figured out how to add websites to this as some of what I write uses or refers to websites.

  title={The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy},
  author={Adams, D.},
  publisher={San Val}
  author = "{Wikipedia contributors}",
  title = "Plagiarism --- {W}ikipedia{,} The Free Encyclopedia",
  year = "2004",
  url = "",
  note = "[Online; accessed 22-July-2004]"
  author = "{Goalkicker - Various Contribtors}",
  title = "LaTeX : Notes for Professionals",
  Year = "2919",
  url = "",
  note = "[Online; accessed 20-10-2019]"

It is not practical to put in whole URLs so using the model above it should be possible to give just the website URL then use the date, author and other information to identify that particular article or item of text.

Then the main document should have references to this so that it can be included when the final document is compiled.


Which is much better compared to the method I have been implementing upto now.

	Leslie Lamport,
	\textit{\LaTeX: a document preparation system},
	Addison Wesley, Massachusetts,
	2nd edition,

Which still works fine and probably much better if you are just starting out with non academic documents as your university / faculty will probably dictate on the style that is expected for your field of study / research.

Hopefully, over time I can improve on this.  I have however learnt so much over the past year alone.  LaTe\X is very flexible and powerful tool for writing, has some really nice letter templates which I am making more use of.

Anyway will post more over time.