LaTeX Tutorials

LaTeX Tutorials

As I have made a few posts on the typesetting language LaTeX. I  have decided to make a post outlining a few useful resource to help you learn this.  LaTex is really good for typesetting academic papers, esp those that are heavy in maths and science formulae. But it can be equally useful for letters etc.   Another advantage is that LaTeX files are plain text, so a proper open file  format anyone is able to open. now and in the future.

Firstly I am mostly using the online website Overleaf in order to create and edit documents written in LaTeX, however you can just as easily install something like TeXstudio along with the CTAN TeX Live packages.   The advantage of Overleaf is that, it is collaborative and cloud based.

Anyway, Overleaf offer a really good set of tutorials and help files.  So you could start with Learn LaTeX in 30 minutes.   Which is probably a good place to start.  remember to keep things simple and as you learn more,. you can make your documents with more features.

Overleaf also offer a 3 part tutorial series as PDF presentations here. Which is also really useful and comprehensive.  The PDFs are interactive in that you can click on the links and they open up Overleaf with the exercises so you can have a go.  Hands on is always a really good way to learn and develop your skills.

In the time I have been using LaTeX.  I have picked up only a fraction of what this system is capable of.   But for the documents I am using it for, this is fine.

The free account on Overleaf, only offers one collaborator.  If you follow this link then I get more collaborators when you and others sign up,   Once you have an account you can then get your own link to give to people in order for you to gain the same rewards.  I am putting this here, so that I can be clear and declare this is what the link is for.  Transparency is a good thing here.

You can follow overleaf on Twitter @overleaf.

I am happy to discuss and maybe help further on which is a decentralized social media platform.  I don’t use Facebook.   There is also a good LaTeX channel on Freenode IRC server channel . As this is real time chat it may not be for everyone.

Update : 27/10/2019

There is a course offered by the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay via EdX on LaTeX here.