Learn PHP

One of the really great things about the decentralized social media network(s) is the range of people and topics you get to connect with.  I have just found http://www.codingcommanders.com/phpLessons.php.

Learn PHP with plain English tutorials.  Lessons can be found at http://www.codingcommanders.com/phpLessons.php

Connect with Coding Commanders via https://social.tchncs.de/@codingcommanders on Mastodon or via the Fediverse e.g Friendica..

You should be able to use Repl.it to undertake the activities.

This innovative approach is more evidence to that the future of learning is going to be really web based,  and you can learn anytime and anywhere.  I am have made a longer post on this  http://zleap.net/online-learning/