Learning BASH

Learning BASH

Following on from my articles on contributing to Debian and Torios.   I have decided to expand on this to provide a few pointers to help people learn some of the skills needed. There also seems to be nothing locally to help with the teaching of this.  I am happy to try and help via the forums mentioned as there are other users to help too.

So from the short list in the Debian article (which in some cases is equally applicable to other distributions) :

  • bash,
  • java,
  • ruby,
  • python,
  • perl

I have decided to start with BASH or the Bourne Again SHell.  This is the default command line shell for GNU / Linux based systems.  I am not going to write yet another tutorial for this.  I am just going to make a few suggestions, as to where people can go to learn this.

As with previous articles I am going to suggest using repl.it as the development environment.  I don’t think it is a good idea to just ‘assume’ people have access to a GNU / Linux based system.

I would also like to encourage the use of the Repl.it forums and or federated social media for chat,  you can follow me via my Friendi.ca id zleal@social.isurf.ca (this is NOT an e-mail address)

Before going further a quick reminder that you should follow the usual advice on e-safety.   I have put an article here on that.   I am also doing an e-safety course on Tuesday 18th so hopefully will be able to make some contacts who can help me improve this further.

So  lets get started

There is what looks like a really good tutorial at


I have found what seems to be some useful websites firstly is a general reference



If you prefer an interactive course try https://www.codecademy.com/

Once you are familiar with bash you are able to take control of a very powerful user interface to GNU / Linux based systems, write ( and importantly debug ) scripts and automate many tasks.

You can use Repl.it to test out scripts or commands.

While BASH is a command line interface,  it is still a very powerful and quick, one of the more common tasks I use this for is resizing images.

Have fun, stay safe and keep learning. It is good to discuss what you are learning so feel free to ask for help on the forums.   If you need any help and are in the Tor bay area maybe drop in to the South Devon Tech Jam  * as a few of us should be able to help.

You can also ask for help via IRC (Internet Relay Chat) https://www.oftc.net/ I am linking to oftc rather than freenode as the official Debian IRC channels are hosted on oftc.

* There is a £2 donation to the jam to help with costs such as insurance etc.