LED Flasher part 2

A while ago I made a 555 timer circuit on some Adafruit prototyping board.  I have now made a version 2 of this, replacing R2 with a 100k variable resistor to control the frequency rate for the LED.


This all works,  however there does seem to be an issue with the connection between R1,  R2 and the connection between pin 7 of the 555 timer.  Just one section of the board.  So I am in the process of trying to figure out what is causing the problem.

Note the colour of C1 looks browm  The camera flash caused that,  C1 is fully working and the top is shiny.

This circuit should function fine as a strobe light for example.




Update  on 8/3/2015

Turns out problem was connection between pin 3 (output) and the LED,  this has now been re-soldered and the board is working fine.