Librelounge Podcast

Librelounge Podcast

Libre Lounge is a podcast where we casually discuss various topics involving user freedom, crossing free software, free culture, network and hosting freedom, and libre hardware designs. We discuss everything from policy and licensing to deep dives on technical topics… whatever seems interesting that week. Sometimes we even have guests!” [1]

Source LibreLounge website.

To subscribe to podcasts from VLC [2]

Firstly go to the LibreLounge Website

We are going to use the RSS ogg vorbis [3] feed.

Now go to VLC (load this up of not already open)

The option for podcasts is on the left,  you may need to scroll down to find this.

Hover over podcases and you see a + icon.

Go back to the Librelounge website and right click and copy link location for the feed you want.  In this case RSS ogg vorbis.

Back to VLC

Click on the +

In the dialogue box that come up paste the url you copied earlier

Press Ok,  The new feed appears under Podcasts,  if you click on this you should see a list of episodes.  Similar to the VLC screenshot above.  You can now play individual episodes.



  1. LibreLounge website .