Libreoffice 4.x Thesaurus fix

I was reading up on these Level 2 functional skills tests.  Just to find out what they involved.  Part of this seems to test the user can use a thesaurus.

I decided to see if the thesaurus in Libreoffice worked.  As I am using Linux Mint 17.2 then the version I am using is

Build ID: 40m0(Build:2)
Locale: en_GB

Entering a word and trying to pull up the thesaurus failed.  So I did some digging around on forums, and found the following which seems to provide a fix

Specifically if you scroll down to the section that says 4 answers,  the first one has a rating of 12 *

following the instructions has fixed the issue.

From a techy perspective I can cope with this fix.  However from a non techie viewpoint aka average user they SHOULD NOT have to do this.  Anyway there is a fix here at least.  Perhaps this can be installed by default,  or that fix can be added to a install script for Libreoffice under mint.

(*correct at the time of writing this)

Hopefully this is useful to someone.