Link Tax Day of action

Next week the European Union’s JURI committee will decide the fate of
the Internet in the EU. If the lobbyists for the big publishers have
their way, every website will be forced to pay a tax for every link to
news content on the web. Added to that, they want to force sites to
install "censorship machines" to filter and block uploaded content.1

This will hamper or outright break every site and service based in the
EU, which means that the impact will be seen by Internet users all over
the world.

That’s why the OpenMedia community, along with our partners and other
organisations across Europe,2 are making one last urgent push to Save
the Link and stop censorship machines.

Just 9 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) will decide,3 so we’re
tweeting them to tell them the choice is clear. Today, June 12, is the
day of action across Europe to #SaveYourInternet.

If these laws pass, it will be the end of smaller Internet operators in
Europe. The automated content-filtering technology the lawmakers are
demanding will be hideously expensive, and will not be nearly as
accurate as they claim.

The link tax is an unprecedented assault on the free and open web: it
goes to the heart of what makes the Internet so powerful — the free
sharing of information.

Even if you’re not directly represented by one of these 9 MEPs, they
are deciding on a law that will affect all of us, in Europe and around
the world.


It doesn’t matter if you’re from a country represented by one of the 9
MEPs or not; we all need to stand together to put a stop to this
dangerous and destructive proposal. Send a tweet to an MEP today and
tell them to SaveYourInternet.

After years of delays and debate, we’re at the critical point now. We
can’t let up. Too much depends on this. Let’s take over the Internet
today and make it a day the deciding MEPs can never forget.

Yours for the open web,
Dave, for the team at OpenMedia

P.S A tweet will take just a minute or two of your time, but will reach
the people making this crucial decision. Send a tweet today. If you
don’t use Twitter, you can email the MEPs here too:

1. Article 13 could "destroy the internet as we know it": What is it,
why is it controversial and what will it mean for memes?
2. Save Your Internet. 3. Copyright JURI
MEPs undecided.