Linux Console Fonts

Linux Console Fonts

With a standard Linux install the fonts on the console (this is the login you get with CTRL-ALT-Fn) are usually small,  this is fine in some cases as most people don’t work from the console.  However there may be times when you want to work directly at the console and not bother with a Graphical user interface.

I found some instructions on here,  that address the issue of the console font size.   These work fine on Debian 10 which is the OS I am running here.

With Debian i had to use su – rather then simply su to get a root prompt as su – drops you to the root directory, as opposed to  su which gives you a root prompt but in the user directory (/home/user) that has run the comment.  There is more of an explanation here.

I would recommend reading the above instruction page FULLY before doing this or in fact making any changes to your system.  However the following screenshots of what I have set my system to.

Doing this kicks in the font size quite early in the boot process so it is easier to read boot up messages and spot / read any error or other messages that come up during the boot process.

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