Linux Mint 17.2 and Open GPG


I have been looking at the webpage for the Tails GNU / Linux distribution.   Tails routes all traffic through the Tor network in order to protect the privacy of users.

As I am using Linux Mint 17.2.  Following the instructions for downloading and signing the Tails OpenGPG key needs the user to install Nautilus-seahorse which is the extension for the Nautilus file manager to handle OpenGPG operations.

I decided to try and find out if there was a similar extension for the cinnamon nemo file manager.

According to this post on the mint forums. You need the nemo-seahorse package.

Firstly you need to search for the above package

$ apt-cache search nemo-seahorse
nemo-seahorse - seahorse plugins and utilities for encryption

Then run

sudo apt-get install nemo-seahorse

Enter the appropriate password and it should then install.

At this point you will probably need to restart nemo.  So I will be back later with part 2 of this post.