Linux mint – live test

I have tested Mint 17.1 live cd.  (well live flash disk) created this with unetbootln.  Anyway booted up fine.  I then went to the printer section and added my printed (which was auto detected) and printed a test page.  All this from a Live CD.

This is in test for a install I am doing over Christmas for a family member who’s Windows 7 computer is completely messed up,  so I am installing a proper OS to replace Windows.

The fact you can install printers from a live cd means that if your computer messes up it should be possible to :

Boot live cd

Install local printer

Mount affected hard disk

find important documents and print them

As Libreoffice is included then it should be possible to open and print MS office documents or if you’re using open standards just open a native ODF document and print.  Either way if you have that all important document to print you have a lifeline.  Plan B would be to mount a usb flash disk and copy said files to that, then print on another computer.  But if you are taking files off a possible virus infected computer you should scan these before they go to a 2nd computer as that could get infected too.