LM386 Audio Amp part 1

One of the Tech jam projects we are now looking at is building DIY speakers

This has promoted me to look again at a 386 Audio Amplifier circuit I have from a Book by Forrest M Mimms III

Prototype on a breadboard.   I am waiting to send for some connectors from soundtronics but in the meantime I can get some of this built up.

I have also started to work out how to lay this out on protoboard.

The capacitor is a 16 or 25v 220 uf,  as per circuit diagram,  the LM386 is documented online so there is no need to go in to deep technical details here.

One advantage in doing this is that the circuit allows for a potentiometer (10k) for a volume control so if this circuit is linked to the diy speakers,  it adds a volume control, also as the speaker is DIY the extra power generated by this could make a difference. to overall performance,  not much but even 1 or 2 db could be useful.