Love 2d – 2d Game Development 2

Love 2d – 2d Game Development 2

At Code Club, Myself and Ryan are starting to look at how we can deliver some game development using Love 2d.

If you are not sure what Love2d is please see this post which has further discussion.

I  noted on Saturday that Love2d seems to have some really nice features for controlling sprites easily.   One of the tasks we have been trying to get working on scratch, is the ability to jump and move at the same time.  This requires the user to first jump then as that code is being executed pick up another key press to move left or right.  This allows players to jump over objects for example.

With Love2d I looked at a some example game code and it appears that it just works.  As the following should illustrate.

Direct link :

The controls for this are as follows

a = left

d = right

w = jump

You should be able to jump and move left or right at the same time.  It works rather than the code having to be created to look for two key press events.

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