Love 2d – 2d Game Development


Love 2d – 2d Game Development

Love2d is a 2d game Engine

For an introduction please watch the You tube videos below.

This looks pretty easy to pick up and could be a good starting point for creating 2d games.

Love 2d  ( )

Some tutorials below:

Other resources

LOVE for Lua Game Programming


Love2d uses the Lua Language then I have put some tutorials to this below.

Lua Tutorials ( )
Documentation ( )

If you prefer not to install the software for this, or can’t for some reason then you can use which is a web based development platform. This will run love2d programs. But is fine for Development.

You can select love2d from the new repl menu. language menu

One of the tutorials at

has a link to free game clip art from which is really useful. The platform game tutorial at has reference to purple.png.  I just created this in gimp and uploaded it to the game file directory on

The graphic below isn’t perfect, and probably not even proper purple but it solved the issue so the sprite could move left  / right and jump.

Feel free to download and upload to or if you’re coding this off like save it to where the main.lua file is for this project.

If you want to install the software then under Debian you can use

apt search lua, will list the related packages.

the main software appears to be


so apt install lua5.2 (as root of course)


Don’t forget we looked at sound effects a while back at code club using

So this may be useful as Love2d also supports audio.


You will need an e-mail address to sign up,  you also need parental permission if under 18. If under 13 you may need a parent to sign up so that you can use this.

Remember as with all on line services you need to keep safe.

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