Lubuntu screen capture – change default screen grab

This short how to should help you change the default screen grab utility

By default the program scrot is used to capture screens,  details are below.

How to configure scrot (Lubuntu screen capture)

To quote Send Print Scrn Images to Desktop:- (as in the above site)

In file manager, set “Show Hidden” and then navigate to your /home/{user}/.config/openbox/ directory and open lubuntu-rc.xml in a text editor.
Use the search feature to find “scrot”

So the file you need to edit is lubuntu-rc.xml

However if you want to change the program used try this

gnome-screenshot –interactive

<action></keybind><!– Keybinding for PrintScreen Key –><keybind key=”Print”><action name=”Execute”><execute>gnome-screenshot –interactive</execute></action></keybind><keybind key=”A-Print”><action name=”Execute”><execute>gnome-screenshot –interactive</execute></action></keybind>

If you search for scrot in the fiile lubuntu-rc.xml

you will find the above code,

if you change the program references which for the purpose of this document have made bold.  PLEASE NOTE THEY APPEAR TWICE

You can change the default program,  with the gnome-screenshot –interactive you get a dialogue box with several options so you can select the whole screen,  a specified area,  when you hit F12.

.it may also stop the home directory filling up with grab files as before one was created every time you pressed F12 whether intentionally or otherwise, this can be  pain but it also wastes disk space which on  most systems isn’t really an issue.


Following a clean re-install I tried the above and the error produced suggested It seems that gnome-screenshot relies on gnome shell, it WILL take a screen shot but not interactively

scrot –select works just as well once you press print screen you can select an area to capture with the mouse. So you may want to simply use that command instead.