Lubuntu – Time and Date


Operating system Lubuntu 13.10

The time and date settings application can be found by clicking the menu button,




Select system tools and then selecting time and date from the menu.









The following screen will come up.  As you are most likely to be a non privileged user then you need to unlock the application.

Do this by clicking unlock, and you will be presented with a standard box (standard as its a common box on Lubuntu) asking for the root or admin password.



For normal users this may be a little more complex for an admin user you stil have to do this but the user has sudo rights, hence you can normally type things like sudo apt-get install foo to install new programs.

Enter your password and press Authenticate








You are then presented wi the the above,  the pull down menu is a choice between keeping sync with network servers or manual configuration of the time and date.

Clicking on time zone gives you the following




You can click on the map to select your location or use the pull down menu.  Click close and the application will close and you should see the right time in the bottom right corner where the clock is.