Minecraft Pi GUI 2


Further to the previous blog post on this.  I have been doing some more experimentation with this.  There are some notes on the tech jam blog post too.

I have come to the conclusion, that large amounts of TNT are simply not practical, unless you want to end up with minecraft slowing to a crawl.

Solution to this is to change the x,y and z sizes for the area created for example.

#def testbutton():
#	print "test"
def flatworld():
	print("flat world")
	MINX = -5
	MAXX = 5
	MINZ = -5
	MAXZ = 5
	MINY = -5
	MAXY = 5


Produces a much smaller block.  As the original intention of this was to produce a large flat area  I want to work on this but make it ground level rather than making what is essentially a huge hole in the game area.

I am going to experiment further and try and produce a nice size area,  but go back to the original blocks, grass with air above.