Minecraft PI gui hacking

I have created a sort of GUI application designed to run on the Raspberry pi and provide a simple GUI to the API.

Update – 28/12/2015

I have updated this with some new features.

The post to chat and make world flat code work,  however the player position and goto position code are still work in progress.  I found the flatworld code on stuffaboutcode,  so integrated that with my program.

It is work in progress, but hopefully will inspire someone to hack further.

All it does at present is provide 4x text input boxes,  one to send postToChat and the other is designed to help you transport to a specific location,  there is no error checking enabled at present.

program can be found on my github account in the RaspberryPI folder.   Feel free to download and hack further, or collaborate on the project.  License information within source code,  python2.x


Have fun.

21/6/2016 – I have made an IMPORTANT update to this, http://zleap.net/minecraft-pi-gui/