Minecraft Pi GUI – Update

Minecraft Pi GUI – Update


Back in 2016 I started work on a Python-Tk program that can interact with Minecraft-pi.  At the time there were a few bugs I got one or two features working.

I have now ‘finally’ got round to hacking this further and fixed a few features and tidied up the gui a little.

This program has the following features

Post text to the mcpi chat function

Get player position

Go to user specified co-ordinates, this also then updates the above player position

Make world flat,  this in fact simply:

Creates a 100x100x100 cube,  sets the bottom to grass and the rest of air,  and then putting the player on this flat area.  It is useful for then creating large structures as you have a nice flat area to work in.

The code from this is on github at :

The functions the program uses are well documented, try stuff about code for the flatworld code.  Essentially this brings together several different programs in to one.

The program needs to run on a raspberry Pi, it still uses python2.x but it works,  hopefully it can be used as a starting point for further development.  Happy hacking.

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